Thursday, 28 February 2013

Letter of Reminiscence

The following is the letter I wrote in Nov, 2011. Mr. Yang T Dorji, the then principal of Nangkor Higher Secondary School had chat over facebook with me. It was his idea to inspire students of Nangkor with the letter from its alumni. I wasn't sure how far i inspired them, but it was rejoicing having got the chance. 

Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, technology & Sciences
Uttar Pradesh.
Date: 1/11/2011

My dear principal, teaching staff, supporting staff and colleagues,

It gives me an immense pleasure to join you all in wishing our fifth Druk Gyalpo and Her Royal Highness Azhi Jetsun Pema in your UNESCO newsletter. Kindly give me chance to wish them. I join you in wishing them a successful life and prosperous life. May Bhutan be all the time a peaceful nation with happy citizens under their generous guidance! May she be the heaven on the earth with intact environment and rich biodiversity! May all people in Bhutan find happiness under their farsighted visions.
The memories of Nangkor are so fresh to me and will be fresh for me in times to come. Thanks to all of the faculty members, principal, non-teaching staff and students for making me realize the need of leadership quality, peer working and co-operation in team work. With countable falls, me as president of Student Governing Body (SGB), we made everything end successfully with the year 2010. I remember who I before was and who am I now. I take pride in what am I in terms of attitude, working ethics, socialization, integrity and aptitudes now. What I am now is what I learnt in Nangkor. This is tribute to all my teachers and friends who were beside me in all weathers. Today, I am here in my college with same confident as other students. I stretch my neck with confidence. If some of you see me here, you will notice trace of Nangkor in my confident eyes.
How about your studies my friends? I am sorry I couldn’t wish my colleagues of X and XII in your trial, moreover, I was engaged in my mid semester examination. Hope this is not proving you all as the lamest excuse after all; exams are the important part of our life as learner. Anyways let us forget that. Let me assume by now you all are studying hard, right? I am happy if you all started working hard but remember I will be happier if you all learn systematically. Remember all students study hard for board exams but few make it through. No magic is involved in it. It’s the system one adopts for learning that make them excel in studies. Our principal used to say us last year and hope he does same this year. He used say us how it is not good to read too much for too long and how effective it is to concentrate fully for thirty minutes. Hope you are following his advice and it the peak of pyramid if you consider studying method is pyramid. Refer past questions paper and identify the areas vital for examination which we often find it as the least important part. That’s true I found as I passed through the stage you all should pass this year. Helen Keller writes in her autobiography: “Yesterday has gone forever! Tomorrow will never arrive, but today is yesterday’s tomorrow within your reach. What are you doing with it?” She questions us. Sometimes such words from great people are reminding us in many areas. Do what you can do today itself. Procastination is one of the main reasons making people poor performer. We all have same brain; let us make use of it. I may be sounding like blowing my trumpet; it’s not of my concern if my words bring little changes in one among hundreds of you.
Friends don’t be tensed for your board examination as it is not the Battle of Chanlingmaithang but do take it seriously for it will be deciding who you will be in future. Please do take my words as not advice but I would appreciate all my friends if you take it as reminder. Remember sometimes you will learn a lot from reminder. Is a falling apple an advice for Sir Isaac Newton on gravitation? It was reminder for him that objects fall all the time towards earth. That reminded him of earth’s gravitational pull. Take many things as reminder and try to learn something for life is full of learning. Learning ends when your ventricles stop pumping blood.
In conclusion, I would like to thank all my teachers, supporting staff and all my dear friends for being somebody important part in my life. It is tribute to all my teachers for all I am. I had wonderful experience working with you all and these memories will always adorned my memory cells till it functions. Happy teaching career for my teachers, best of luck in your coming exams for my friends and let us jointly pray for long live to their Majesties. Thank you, principal for offering me the opportunity.

                                                                                                                 With love,
                                                                                                                 Chezang Dendup
                                                                                         BSc. Agriculture



  1. Nice one bro. It made me remember a similar letter I sent you guys after I was selected for scholarship. :) Hope our letters inspired some juniors there.

  2. Hope so brother. yeah i do remember reading your letter which was displayed on notice board. it was inspiring one bro.