Friday, 31 October 2014

Alarming Fashion of Rape

Every week, Kuensel reports a case, or two, and sometimes even more of rape in Bhutan. Last year, one of my friends told me that he didn’t read the Times of India without a rape story and these days I am hearing his resounding comments while reading Kuensel. Sexual assault and rape cases are growing with an alarming progression.

What is happening? Where is the loophole? Who is responsible? Are our sisters safe in Bhutan? Is our judiciary not strong enough? These are intriguing questions that all the concerned Bhutanese must address given the current cases of rape.

Utopian society may be a dream, but the cases of rape at this frequency are not acceptable even in low-set societies. Our society, on other hand, is known to rest of the world as haloed ground of happiness which in reality now is a place where rape is becoming astounding fashion. We read prison terms for the culprit and medical status of the victim in every case of a rape. We are informed of a rape case in various locations. These are information we get from media. This mere information is not going to curb down the rape cases. The concerned authorities must come up with pragmatic preventive measures and awareness programs. It is high time that we reflect as happy society and mend our activities to make it so.  More importantly, it is I and you at an individual level who needs to change. We must take rape seriously and say no to such a sickness. We must share what we know to our people so that rape may be one of the least cases in our country.

Finally, we are one people of Bhutan and increasing cases of rape is our common problem. Let us be united and act in the way to curb down these inhuman, lecherous and outrageous rape cases. Let woman and man be respected in Bhutan. May the soulless pedophilic rapists be brought to justice!