Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Believe or Not

Beam of sunlight penetrates through window pane
And perches gently over my face waking my senses
I come to world and think over the night of insane.
I think that should not be real for I am not tensed.
Weak part of my mind says that could be true
And my strong part argues that it’s merely dream.

Heavily I try to forget what my two parts say
For I’m not Adam experiencing everything first
Life is not like all time falling on lorry full of hay
Sometimes we ought to fall on hard metallic fist
My weak mind says about the hay and comfort
My strong says about metallic fist and courage.

You can say it is danger to dream snake bites
And you can say it is believed only in villages
You can say somebody might have done rites
What you call black magic in your localities
Strong mind says that there is no magic as such
Weak part says about Milarepa with a punch.

I know that my two parts of mind will never stop
World after all, is what we call dual materialistic
I try forgetting the night but on my way to shop
I see small snake; herpetologist would say, Fantastic!
Again my two parts of mind started their debates
My weak part at last say at which I shiver and vibrate
It says: will I be weak and untrue in all times to come?

-By Chezang.