Thursday, 15 March 2012

Magic of Football

From the moment I took interest in football, I realized that there are many magic involved in it more than what i thought earlier. By now, it has been almost three months playing football almost every evening. I thought it involves not only the skills to dribble and score goal which are both out of me. But now i am realizing what many things are involved in football. I am describing here the magic of football I discover though I am an amateur player as of now.

1. Punctuality: After I got scolded for most of the time turning out late in the field, I learnt that punctuality is must in football because football needs same strength of member from both the side. One of the members missing for some time owing to his failure in time management shall not be compromised.

 2. Co-operation: Every member in the team comprises of different strategies and minds but to play football as a team, there should be vibrant cooperation among the players. The team must be united as to stand as an undisputed team. I realized this when some of my friends whom I would like to keep their names confidential, kicked the ball violently displaying their anger for some one in the form of hard kicks.

 3. Interaction and Friendship: Football is not a mute game like chess. We need to talk and play. Every member must talk and there involves interaction. Through this we develop friendship. I realised how football builds friendship. You know, universities have got huge students and campus. We often don't know what is happening beyond our world. It is only through football that I got to know some Iraqi,Afghan, Nepalese, Libyan and all.....

 4. Activeness: The player is expected to be active in handling the ball and passing it to friends of same team. Activeness is almost 50% in the match. I felt this essence after my friends reminded me of my lethargic tactics in the game.

5. Exercise: After playing football i felt the lost of few pounds in my weight especially the thick belly I had.